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Happy Relationships through HONEST SHARING


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Nurturing communication

Honest Sharing is a protocol designed to keep you safe and protected while you share how you feel in this very moment. Honest Sharing was brought to life by Gopal Norbert Klein.

Honest Sharing creates a special contact that you may have never experienced before. Your relationships with people become deeper, happier and more fulfilled.

Honest Sharing helps you become aware of your own body sensations, emotions and thoughts. It may increase your mental strength and lead you to the life you want to live.


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A beautiful Guide for Happy Relationships through Honest Sharing (HS).

Gopal's first book: Relationship Healing I Trauma Therapy und Spirituality
Gopal's second book: Relationship Healing II FLOATING Handbook (for Therapists)


Honest Sharing feedback to a group leader in Australia:

"My husband and I have just broken the ice on the honest sharing. Only within the past week or so have we attempted this type of communication, and it has already resulted in more openness and love to each other. We both recognized how closed off we have been, how stagnant the energy has been, how fearful we have been to reach out to each other in an honest way. My husband shared with me how he has thoughts of me not loving him anymore, he feels he annoys me, he wants to be liked by me, etc. Such deep restoration of the relationship is occurring here.

And so much of what he shares is very reflective of how he thinks/ feels about the way he was treated by his own mother.

I could share a sweet, honest smile with him after sharing last night rather than a pretend smile which I always seem to have in an attempt to cover up the deep feelings of sadness, loneliness, despair.

I have also recognized how important it is to just listen to our children, without feedback. They seem more comfortable to express the full spectrum of their inner selves to me, really just within a few days we all feel much more connected and safe in each other's company.

I hope you feel encouraged with the work you are doing, it is so transformational!"



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